Aromatherapy for your dog / 40 Hour Burn Time / 100% Soy Wax
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About Us

About Dog Whistle Candles


Your dog is part of the family; we invite you to be a part of ours. We take special pride in the making a product that not only your dog will loves, but one that you will, too.

Our story begins years ago while burning those popular scented candles with our pups. Excessively scented, lead cored wicks, petroleum based paraffin wax additives, and chemical colorants. Not only were they irritating (not to mention toxic) to us, our dogs hated them! We needed something better.

Over the years we have developed a unique blend of aromatherapy candles with your dog in mind. With such an acute sense of smell, our natural, gently scented candles give off a clean pleasant aroma which will excite the olfactory senses of your best friend. Aromatherapy is proven science for pups & people. Once you light one, we're not sure who will love them more.

We make a strong effort to give back to our community by manufacturing all products in the United States, as well as donating a portion of proceeds to qualified animal charities, such as the ASPCA.